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Browse through this page to find out more details on just about anything on this website. If you are unsatisfied with the information from this page, feel free to contact us and we'll email you back as quickly as possible. 

​     All membership requests will go through a verification process to ensure a subscription plan has been purchased before your approval. Subscription plans are as follows:


RAW BASIC ACCOUNTS: These accounts are paid for on a monthly basis for $2.00 USD. Under Monthly Accounts, the admission fees for The Raw FIsh Concert series events are covered separately.


FRIED PREMIUM ACCOUNTS: These accounts are paid for on a yearly basis for $25.00 USD.  Under Annual Accounts admission fees to all The Raw Fish Concert Series are covered AS WELL.  

FISHEYE RETAINS THE RIGHT to suspend or disqualify any account for any fraudulent or abusive (sexual,verbal) demeanor that is detrimental to the Fisheye company, the website or its members. 

     If you would like to feature a tutorial with us, we would love to help you out. Just contact us with your information and the tutorial you would like to prepare and we will set a date to come and film it. This is reserved only for those in the U.S only. If you have other tutorials you would like us to help produce, please contact us also. Production of the tutorials is free. You will get credentials for the tutorials you come up with. 

​PLEASE NOTE: To feature tutorials with us, you must agree to have the tutorial on the Fisheye website exclusively for a year. 



     Use Fisheye for marketing. Fisheye does not guarantee views, sales or followers.  If you would like to feature a music video or film on our site, please feel free to contact us. The Fisheye website is not strictly reserved for Fisheye Films content only. Music video rental space is $1.00 USD monthly or $10.00 USD yearly. Cancel at any time. Fees already paid are non refundable. 



     Advertising and Banners can be negotiated through our contact page. You can also send us a request for information to our email and we will contact you promptly. 


    The Raw Fish Concert series are pay per view web concert events that Fisheye members as well as the general public can enjoy for a small admission fee. When you pay your general admission fee, an email will be sent for your confirmation.. For fraud avoidance purposes, PayPal is the only method in which Fisheye will accept payments.

     Video Contests will be held for each concert and also when Fisheye Films deems necessary so check the site often and spread the word. 




All Logos are Copyrights of Fisheye Films, LLC 2013 

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